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ExJw Shunned & Recently Dumped

I started this site and blog to show others what it really means to be shunned, however sharing that honesty has been one of the hardest steps to take.

Here I go...

I am 34 years old, and I'm shunned by my family and previous friends from the Jehovah's Witness organization. When I left the church I also left my husband at the time; this was in 2019. Since then I have only dated 3 people. Two don't really count since the relationships were so brief, but I just got out of a 5 month relationship with... lets call him Alex.

I met Alex on Match and I'm happy to have met him. We shared a wonderful 5 months full of laughter, giggles, passion, and genuine love for each other. We took the time to study and dive into what it means to have a "love language". The biggest difference between us was that Alex's main love language is touch where mine is quality time.

I learned so much during these 5 months. I probably learned more about myself then Alex. For instance, I learned that I am needy in regards to time and attention. Giving me physical touch doesn't fill my love tank. I need my significant other to be interested in ME, in my day, in my feelings, in my interests, and genuinely curious about what I'm doing.

I want text messages, and phone calls, and "how was your day?" greetings.

I'm sad over this breakup. I know it was for the best. Alex needed to live closer to his children who live out of state, and I respect that decision! but once again I feel alone.

Being shunned will effect everything in your life. I can't help but feel it's just One More Person that chose something or someone over me.

My mother, sisters, family, and friends all chose a religion over me. A religion is more important to them then being able to speak to me.

I want someone to stay with me, and choose me! Choose to remain with me always.

I know, I hope (that went from positive to negative)... I Know (positive thinking) I will find a man who loves me the way I need to be loved, and that man will understand that because I'm shunned I'm sensitive, and that man will remind me he is not leaving me; remind me by his words and actions.

I'm allowing myself to grieve another lost person in my life, but I'm focusing really hard to not be negative.

I have to allow myself to always see the future and what it can be.

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