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Shunned (but memorial invite it okay) Truth wins in the End

If you are an #exjw or perhaps just inactive then you have probably received one of these today...

Yes that's right! The obligatory Memorial Invite via text message.

As the days passed this week I wondered if I would receive such a text message, but being properly shunned I thought no that probably won't happen. As the days continued to pass I decided I was so happy that I didn't receive this message. Afterall, if you don't care to be part of my life or speak to me on a normal day then why should I love or be happy your willing to speak to me Only when it is in regards to religion?

You're only willing to reach out if it means trying to get me back into the Cult of Jehovah's Witnesses.

Unfortunately, my joy was not long lasting. 11am and I received this message from my mother.

I should have taken the high road and just left it unread. I should not have engaged. I should not have stooped to this level. Afterall, she chose to shun me simply over a religious difference, but I could not hold back.

2-1/2 years I have held back words, sadness, tears, frustration, anger, and all the other emotions that come with being shunned. Today I could no longer hold back that frustration.

I continued my message to include reasons why I will not be at the Memorial. I included Truths about myself being an activist and how I want to support those who have been abused within the organization. I shared honesty about elders meetings from 2 years ago when the legal department refused to share information regarding my own abuse case. The fact that they blamed her, my mother and strictly the brothers in Cottage Grove, OR. Information I had been holding back for so long started pouring out me.

These messages might have been difficult, sad, and painful to read for my mother but sharing these truths just may have been the healthiest thing for me. I have felt a weight lift off my shoulders. I feel a serenity knowing that I live free to be who I am, what I want to be and I don't have to hide it from anyone.

Truth wins in the end.

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