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Visualize Your Future, Don't Give Up

Can you see it? An image of where you want to be sits so perfectly at the front of your thoughts that you can almost touch it. You feel the emotions of that moment.

Whether we're alone, with children, or with a significant partner we can visualize a moment of perfect peace. The moment that makes You happy.

For many of us we thought by middle age this image would have been reality by now, but not everyone gets the perfect moments in the first round. Perhaps you focused on school or a career, maybe a failed relationship postponed things. Whatever the situation is, we all have hours, days, and years left to see our perfect moment become reality. So what do we do in the meantime?

Don't Give Up

That phrase was often said when I was a member of a church; of course they were referring to always making yourself a better Christian, or their version of a Christian. I'm saying "Don't Give Up" on what you want, not what someone else is telling you to want.

Can you see it? Visualize it.

Keep the image of what you want fresh in your mind each day and night. Talk about it with others, journal about it, create a Pinterest board for it; do what you need to do to keep that moment in the forefront of your thoughts.

By keeping it in focus you will continue to reach, and will open yourself to situations that help make it come true.

Personally, my image is being in love with a man who loves me in return just as intensely. Someone who can't wait to text me, or call to hear my voice.

My image includes weekend camping trips, and enjoying the fresh air around us, together. I want to sit by a fire, snuggle under a blanket in the cold morning, brew coffee, hear the calmness of nature around us. I want to see, feel, touch, and taste all of these things with the person who loves me intensely for who I am.

Can you see it?

If you like - Go over to the Forums page and share your image : )

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